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Green Sky Press is where I publish my science fiction and fantasy, poems and songs, fiction and non-fiction online. There's everything from four-line verses to short stories to whole novels, and there will be a journal and a web comic (Akbash!) shortly.

Please let me know what you think. We welcome your comments! If you have a critique or a question about anything here, please send email to Leo AT greenskypress DOT com. If you find an HTML or CSS error, or just want to talk to someone less crabby, send it to "mail" at the same place.

All mail received here will be assumed to be for publication unless you tell us otherwise. Mail will be published on this site, or not published, at my sole discretion. In other words, if we get mail from anyone, we will consider it for publication unless they say, "don't publish this." But even if it's for publication, I don't have to publish it. I hope that's clear. — Leo David Orionis

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